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San Francisco

About the Artist


Artist Tuesday Cohen grew up in Hollywood California, and began painting in the mid 80's at an early age.

With one older sister, a single mom, and a house forever filled with colorful and creative folks from all walks of life the artist was born.

Her mother worked in the music industry, herself creative and very supportive of anything artistic.

As she started getting older her mother realized that drawing was going to be a prominent fixture in her life she supported her in any way she could. With very little resources, a lot of love, fabulous & wacky group of friends, they all supported Tuesday in her dream of becoming an Artist. She moved to San Francisco at eighteen which was an awesome transition for her at the time. Had her first art show at Belcher Studios and sold her very first painting! Shortly after that she had a chance to move to N.Y. where she worked, painted, and ran around "Headless". After years of Manhattan life Tuesday got work back in L.A. working as an Artist in Film/Video.

Continuing to draw, moving onto oil painting, watercolor acrylic and such, Tuesday started painting on anything and everything that wasn't tied down...including her wooden toilet seat!, Apparently some friends came over and saw what she was up to, and decided that they too needed one. One turned into two, and so it began. She had her first break selling to a store called Raw Style in Santa Monica. Dropped a couple of seats off with the owner ....they sold in a couple of days! So, Tuesday proceeded to draw designs for her seats, furniture, and accessories with her step dad both learning along the way. Selling at eclectic stores throughout the U.S., she again got another chance to take over a store in Silverlake in Los Angeles which really helped to get her name out there. Of course being the artist she is Tuesday got restless and needed another change! She made her way to Pensacola Florida 4 hours from the "Big Easy" where her family had moved. Spending lots of time in New Orleans’s, and surrounding southern towns, meeting very cool musicians, and just plain cool folks, she was influenced by the music, history, and all the strange differences that come with living in a small town.

However you can’t take the city out of the girl, so once again decided to move back to the Bay!

Tuesday has been featured in such magazines as: In Style, Lucky, Women’s Wear Daily, L.A. Times, Glue, and Pensacola News Journal.

Her latest painting ,being accepted in a "Tom Waits" inspired show at Arc Gallery on Folsom in S.F.

Tuesday now resides back in San Francisco, continues to paint paintings, toilet seats as well as furniture, paintings, recycled jewelry, clothes, and anything else she finds in route.